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Hey, my name is Blake Gederberg and I am the co-owner of Speaker Tree Record Store, which is located Downtown on Jefferson Street in the Riverviews Artspace. Speaker Tree has been around for 9 years now. My partner Nick and I moved the store downtown Last June and we have owned the shop there for about a year now. We buy and sell new and used vinyls, record players, turntables, and cassettes. We started out on 5th street which was a crazy idea originally because my partner Nick came to me and said, “Hey! My dream is to own a record store and I am not really the business type of guy”. I was a business major who went to Liberty University and I was very connected to the local music scene through being a promoter, booking shows, and getting to know the local bands. At the time on 5th street, the record store was actually a live music venue, so we married the two ideas together. I run the shows and the business side of the operation and Nick runs the record store. Through time we decided we wanted to hone in on the record side of the business so we came across an awesome space on Jefferson street. There is no denying that Jefferson street is really booming right now and we wanted to be a part of the community. We are celebrating our one-year anniversary since we moved in last July. During an assessment, we decided that we wanted to enhance the selection of music by creating a broader array of music genres and records. It has been a really good year and we really appreciate the local support. If you would like to check us out, we are located in suite G7 at the Riverviews Artspace. If you have any used vinyls that you would like to sell we are definitely interested in that as well. Or you can come look through our selection. Thanks!

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Blake Gederberg was born and raised in New Jersey and came to Lynchburg to pursue a degree in business with the intentions of taking his degree and going elsewhere to start his business endeavors. Through his time in Lynchburg he has grown to love the opportunity that Lynchburg presents to someone that's willing to put in the work. Primarily known for his involvement in the local music scene as a concert promoter Blake is now transitioning his focus more towards his business ventures. He dove in the deep end right out of college by purchasing his first business, Speakertree, "Lynchburg's Record Shop" located in Downtown Lynchburg on Jefferson St. He plans to continue to pursue his passion to be a serial entrepreneur in Lynchburg, planting and dreaming up concepts and ventures that will make Lynchburg an even better place to live. Lynchburg Business Magazine named Blake one of the "Millennials on the Move" in 2017 and he has also been mentioned as a "Mover and Shaker" in Lynchburg. 


Author Blake Gederberg
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Speakertree Records (est. 2008) offers the Hill City's best selection in new & previously owned vinyl. Occasionally, they also dabble in other media (cassettes, CDs, video).