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Hi, my name is Jacob Johnston, I am the director and producer for Mirari Pictures. We’re a film company that’s been around for about seven years here in Lynchburg, Virginia. In the last seven years we’ve been able to produce five short films, as well as one feature film that we’ll be distributing this coming summer. However, one of the products we focused on this past year was a sketch comedy show called “Are We Live?” We got a grant and were able to do the pilot episode back in the fall. We had a great turnout there, two live shows in front of a studio audience that we filmed. Both of them sold out just using word of mouth marketing. Now, what we’re hoping to do is take that show and create a series for it. So, what’s different about our show? Well, what we’ve done is we’ve focused on the millennial audience, anywhere from 15-30 year olds for this show. Now, one advantage we have is that we are millennials, so we know what that audience is looking for. And, what they’re doing is spending a lot of time already on the internet consuming media, anywhere from 3-6 hours. But, what are they consuming? Well, we’ve done our research unfortunately through a lot of that media, and a lot of it is very vulgar, it’s very rough, and it’s just not safe to be around, and it puts people sometimes in a dark place. So what we decided to do was we’re going to make this show completely clean. We’re going to make it very very very just squeaky clean, but very relevant as well so that our audience can enjoy it but not have to worry about who’s around, can I watch this at work, can I not watch this at work. Or, if they are young parents they don’t have to worry about their kids hearing anything that they shouldn’t hear. But, hopefully most of the jokes will go right over their head. So, we did our pilot back in the fall and it worked out really well. Now, what we’re trying to do is turn that into a series. So our hope is this fall we’re going to shoot about five episodes of “Are We Live?” We already have the cast, we already have the writers, we already have locations, we already know where we’re going to get equipment, all we’re looking for right now is just funding. We’ve been able to figure out a way to keep the show very inexpensive, and we can do it right here in Lynchburg, Virginia. Another advantage we have is that we’re going to give this away for free. Now, it sounds like we’re not going to make money but we will be able to through YouTube hits. We’ve researched a lot of our competition and we’ve found that if we can get in about the 80,000-100,000 views range per sketch, which we’re going to have about 40-50 sketches, we should then be able to make all of our money back on that first season and then hopefully boost our content for our second season. That will then go from about 10 episodes to about 20 episodes. So, my call is, anyone who wants to help in any way- financially we’re definitely looking for- but just for resources as well, a lot of things if we can get them for free we don’t have to put them in our budget. We have an opportunity to change this next generation, and what we’re hoping to do with this show is to just do that. If you’d like to be a part of that, we would love to have you.

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Over the past seven years, Mirari Pictures has released seven short films and a feature film. They want to create a television show, which they piloted in the fall, which targets the Millennial audience in a fresh, relatable way. 



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Jacob Johnston is the director and producer for Mirari Pictures, and he is looking for locals who are interested in helping to build out Mirari's upcoming television show.

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