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Hi, I am Cameron Howe with iConnect. iConnect is life coaching with purpose. We target kids, youth, and adolescence in this area. In 2016 my husband Sam and I had this business concept called kids connections with the goal of targeting children for life coaching. One of the benefits of life coaching is that it really is goal focused on the child and that it has the flexibility to determine goals large or small and develop ways to achieve those goals. So, as the business ideas started flowing and things started to come together it became apparent that life coaching is not needed just for kids, but for all adolescents in this area. So in 2017 under Impact Living Services, iConnect was formed. iConnect is now made up of three subcategories. Kids Connection which is preschool and elementary school, teen connect which is middle and high school, and ConnectU which is college and above. Kids Connections works by addressing the needs and goals of a person, and the different methods of reaching them. Whether it is one or two sessions to figure out how to get the bedroom cleaned and how to keep the socks off the floor, figuring out what needs to be completed for financial aid for college, getting a summer job for a teen, or navigating academic support both in and outside of the school setting, iConnnect is here to help. So how it works is, we will meet and have free consultations with the family and the children, or the young adults, and we come up with a plan and say, hey what are your goals? What are some things we need to work on? We are very reward focused and strength focused. We believe that every child and young adult has the potential to do whatever it is that they are willing to work for. But how do we get them to work for it? Part of that is coming up with ideas and having them come up with ideas themselves and implement it. iConnect really needs the support of the community, schools, and the kids. If the kids don’t believe in their goal and don’t want to achieve that goal, you will have a lot of roadblocks. Often parents are like, “God, I just want them out of the house” or “Why won’t they listen to me”. Sometimes it just takes a new person to introduce an old idea for the teen or young adult to actually hear that idea. So whether kids are boarding at VES or coming to the area for college for the first time, we can help to integrate them into the community. We can show them different things they can do. We can connect them. We can bridge the gap between connections between schools and the students in the school if they are struggling. Oftentimes parents are working full-time jobs. It can be very difficult for parents to be there for some of those meetings to discuss why the child isn’t reaching their full potential. Like, they’re not necessarily bad kids and they aren’t struggling. However, they still aren’t doing what they’re capable of doing. So how do we help? That is where iConnect comes in. The best part about it is, being under impact living services, which is a nonprofit working with kids that are in foster care and in an independent living program, is that we have opportunities to have kids of all ages and backgrounds, and support systems come together and really connect with one another and build a foundation in our community and invest in Lynchburg. How can you help? We need iConnect to be a name you hear, and you tell other people about. Because life coaching is something that all kids and people can benefit from with the right supports. Thank you.

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iConnect is life coaching with purpose. iConnect was originally developed in 2016  under the name Kids’ Connections, out of an idea to target life coaching for children. As the business concept evolved, the need for life coaching for a variety of ages became apparent.

In 2017, under Impact Living Services, iConnect was formed. iConnect helps bridge the gap between individuals of all ages and their goals. iConnect does not bill insurance, so the variety of needs, goals and methods for obtaining them is completely individualized.


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iConnect is composed of three sub-categories. Kids’ Connections serves children from preschool through middle school.  Teen Connect serves adolescents and young adults. ConnectU services college age and beyond.

What makes iConnect unlike any service in this area is the focus on an individual’s connections. One of the basic human needs is the desire to have control over our lives. That need is as fundamental as shelter or food, and it starts from a young age. iConnect helps individuals turn weaknesses into strengths and dreams into obtainable goals while promoting the importance of connections.

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