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Hi I’m Natasha Coan, the owner and designer for Foraged & Cut flowers. I started in 2012 in the flower industry at a local flower shop where I learned all the basics and worked my way up to being their lead wedding designer. I left there and I went to a local flower farm in Lynchburg where I still worked with weddings, still did events, but we actually grew all the flowers that we used. From my experience there and everything I learned, that what has brought me to start Foraged & Cut. I have two mains goals in mind that I would like to do. My first goal is for the client. I want to make sure every client I work with gets the event or wedding that they are dreaming of. And any way that I can do, anything I can do to help on the flower side of that, I would like to do. No matter what your style is, what design you’re going for, I can help you execute that. The second goal is that I would like to source most of my blooms locally or American-grown. I Don’t know if you knew this, but 80% of flowers sold in America are actually grown overseas and imported, so I would really like to help change that and with Foraged & Cut I will do my best to order from American farms and locally. I have relationships with farms from Virginia all the way to California so that I can do that to the best of my ability. I really love the slow flower movement that is happening in America. You can Google that to find out more information. But I also will be growing some of my own flowers for my clients. That is something I am really passionate about now that I have been working in the flower farming side of things. I am booking now July all the way through 2018. You’re welcome to look at my website for more information about that and to see my portfolio. I am excited to continue working in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas and to see what there is for the future of Foraged & Cut.

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About Foraged & Cut

Natasha is the owner and head designer for Foraged & Cut.

Natasha started her flower venture when as a DIY bride she fell in love with floral designing. That led her to a job at a local flower shop where she received formal training and quickly moved up to head wedding designer. After several years of focusing her skills in retail floristry Natasha was able to fulfill her dream of working on a flower farm. She has been lucky enough to design weddings with 3 acres of flowers she helped plant with her own hands. Natasha loves working with flowers and wants to stay true to the organic farm flowers she has come to love. 



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Natasha's goal is to source the blooms that she uses locally and across America. She is passionate about supporting the  American flower farmer and the "field to vase" movement. If you want to learn more about the movement please click here.

Natasha strongly believes that every bride and groom deserves the wedding of their dreams and she will work with you to create whatever that may be in any style you choose.