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Good Morning, David Poole Depot Grille Lynchburg. I’ve been here about 13 years. The original Depot Grille was started in the Staunton in 1989 and I came to open the Depot Grille in Lynchburg by a peculiar circumstance. This space was available and Howard Crowder called me and came and looked at it and it proved to be a perfect fit. So an interesting challenge we faced with the Depot Grille was the space was perfect, but we didn’t have room for a kitchen. So we were able to, my past experience, allowed us to use two freight cars which were last used to bring marble from Mexico, but they make a perfect fully functioning kitchen. The Depot Grille supports the community in many many ways, but it’s critical to us to support what’s important to our local community. So we tend to support a lot of softball teams and local teams and events and so on. If we get a robo call from a 1(800) number we typically do nothing, but we proudly sponsor E.C. Glass. We’ve been total sponsor of their musical for probably more 10 years. Fantastic partnership. We support the kids and it’s a really really good local event. Lynchburg is the city of opportunity for people like me because it has a great history, embraces that past, doesn’t bulldoze it, but now is moving forward with a dynamic future to repurpose buildings and open up to the business community to bring exciting new ways for commerce and a healthy happy place to live. So it’s a symbiosis between the past and the future with a really bright future based on that history. Success for us at the Depot Grille for us has been long hours, hard work, and a lousy boss, but blessed with great people. Both customers and staff and the business community here in Lynchburg has been absolutely fantastic. It takes time and patience, but well worth it in the end. The toughest part about being an entrepreneur is to stay on target, be focused and organizational skills. And it’s really really important not to gravitate towards the fun stuff. The fun stuff is what the passion that got you into the business you have to remember that you have to run the business as well. So don’t just do the fun stuff. The biggest pre-conceived notion that people have about entrepreneurial folks is that we started from a wealthy beginning which often times doesn’t give the passion. Sure, sometimes people have money behind them, sometimes they don’t. But most important thing is the passion to get done what you set out to do and to not get lost along the way. My one piece of advice for starting a business, especially here in Lynchburg Virginia, is to use the resources that are available. Whether its economic development or other business owners. Plan your work and work your plan. There are lots of great resources, Lynch’s Landing, economic development, fellow business owners. These people can give you lots of valuable advice. Use it, you will learn a lot.

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Dave Poole is an entrepreneur and owner of Depot Grille, an American eatery and bar located downtown at 10 9th St. 


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Welcome to the Launched In Lynchburg Series! Each month, we feature a different local entrepreneur. This month, we're featuring Dave Poole, the owner of Depot Grille downtown. 

About Depot Grille:

Located on Lynchburg’s Historic Riverfront, the Depot Grille features fresh fish and great steaks along with a wonderful selection of seafood and pasta dishes. From crab legs to buffalo burgers, there is something on the menu for everyone. Fresh steamed vegetables and a wide selection of side dishes enhance entrees, sandwiches and light bites.

Daily specials compliment our menu ranging from liver and onions through duck, lamb and pork with fresh interesting soups always available. The railroad antiques and the charm of the old N&W Depot building make the perfect setting for a smoke free dining experience.