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Do you know that kids spend 50% less time outdoors today than they did 20 years ago? There is significant evidence that time in nature and unstructured play are essential to children’s well being and the well being of a healthy environment. Hello, my name is Kristin Reiber Harris. I am an animator, an artist, an educator, and a media producer. 30 years ago I started my company, Kristin Harris Design in the Washington DC area. 11 years ago I moved to Lynchburg, and I am very happy to be here. I would like to solicit your support. I am building a community full of educators, parents, families, students, and interested adults. My main project is to animate nature. My mission is to spark creativity, explore science with art, and inspire kids to get outside as environmental stewards. How am I going to do that? What is Anim8 Nature? Anim8 nature is a web-based educational resource that is built around 10 animated life cycles. These life cycles are made in collaboration and coordination with scientists and educators to guarantee that they are scientifically accurate and that they meet the highest educational standards. Accompanying these animated shorts on the website are related lesson plans with activities for exploring science with art and a gallery where students can share their work with others in the Anim8 Nature community. Anim8 Nature also has workshops. I provide art and technology workshops in schools, museums, art spaces, and other venues. I help children, teachers, and families learn how to draw and animate the natural world around them. How can you help? You can join the community. You can go to my website. You can go to the Anim8 website. You can watch the videos and the animations that have been created. There are four of them right now which include, Monarch butterfly, moon jellyfish, oak tree, and shell fungus. You can share them with the children in your life; watch them with the children in your life. I think you’ll learn something. I have learned a tremendous amount working on these and I considered myself fairly knowledgeable when I started. It is a very exciting process. When you tell an organism’s story, you form a bond. When you form that bond there is a caring and an interest that is sustained. You can also subscribe to the Anim8 Nature Youtube and blog and keep up with the latest information. We are working very hard to make Anim8 Nature a vital and valuable resource to families, elementary classrooms, and homeschoolers. Join us and share this information with the educators and families that you know that may be interested. Everyone cares about healthy children and a healthy environment. Join me and Anim8 Nature in getting kids outside and exploring the environment. Thank you very much.

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Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator, educator and media producer. She has been a careful observer of the natural world since she was a child growing up on an old farm. She is currently animating science shorts and teaching iPad workshops for kids, adults and families. She specializes in educational media for children. Her work has been broadcast on HBO and HBO Latino and screened in film festival all over the country.


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Anim8Nature is a series of documentary animations and activities that inform children about the facts of life-science in a creative way. They want to help kids understand their world.

Their mission is to spark curiosity, guide children to explore science with art and get kids outside.

To learn more about Anim8Nature, visit their website